How long will it take to build my home?

From foundation to finish, we work to build your home in 100 days. Outside of weather or material delays, you will be in your home in no time.

Can I customize my floor plan or design features?

All of our plans are fully customizable as well as the full design approach of your home. Use one of our floor plans and tweak it; bring an existing plan that you own and we can work with it.

What warranties do you offer on your homes?

All of our homes come with a 12-month material and craftsmanship warranty from our suppliers and subcontractors. If there is a material or mechanical defect, it will get fixed.

What are the costs involved beyond the quoted price?

When we present a proposed project cost, it will be an all-inclusive price for every feature and element of your home. No extra costs unless you request extra features.

How often will I receive updates or be able to communicate with you during the build?

From the beginning, we will coordinate a weekly 30-minute phone call time with you. Once the foundation is in the ground, we will have our call every week to update you on what is going on, what will be happening, and answer any questions you have.

What is the process if I want to make changes during construction?

If, during the build, you have an idea or must have change for one of the elements of the home, you will communicate that with your realty partner who will chat with us about the change request. Given the timing of the project, we will give some options for how we can make it work and what the additional costs will be. Once approved, we will begin to integrate those changes and communicate any scheduling and completion time changes.

How do you handle unexpected issues or delays?

We do our best to plan ahead by ordering materials immediately after contracting and scheduling our subs weeks in advance. There are always hiccups to the process whether it is material delays or inclement weather keeping crews from completing work on site. Either way, if any of those delays are causing significant setbacks that we can not make up for later in the project, we will communicate that with you so you understand how the schedule is being impacted.