About NuHaven Builders

Life is busy and each day can present new challenges. The last thing you want to worry about is your home and something going wrong. Home should your place to relax, regroup with friends and family, and recharge for what’s ahead. Home should be your haven.

Started in 2020 from the foundation of decades of residential and commercial experience, NuHAVEN Builders is excited to bring high-quality homes to the community. From our team of proven contractors and realty partners, to the products, materials, and attention to detail we put into each home, your NuHAVEN home will stand the test of time. NuHAVEN Builders are committed to worry-free homes that look great and become an integral part of your life.

So, live your life and love your home from NuHAVEN.

Our Team

Brian Hall


Brian brings 30 years of construction and business experience to NuHAVEN Builders. Brian has done everything from framing houses, to steel building erection, to oversight of commercial remodeling projects. Brian is committed to doing things the right way as if he was building his own home. You can most likely find Brian working on his pilot’s license, digging out from under the pile of paperwork on his desk, or making a cup of coffee.

Cameron Hall

Business Administrator & HR

Cameron oversees permitting, project administration, and work schedules for all NuHAVEN projects. Watching his dad (Brian) oversee and organize large and small projects has given Cameron a valuable insight into project completion and taking care of the details of each project. He also brings valuable organizational and financial skills to the NuHAVEN team. Cameron is a glutton for punishment as a life-long Dallas Cowboys fan.

Byron Riddle

Project Management, Sales and Marketing

Byron works on site with our contractors to ensure accuracy and quality on our projects while also developing strategies and partnerships to move NuHAVEN forward. He has spent previous time in sales management and marketing development, non-profit leadership, and leading teams to accomplish aggressive goals. Byron is also a Dallas Cowboys fan, but has come to grips with watching mediocre football and having his heart torn out each week, much like Nebraska fans.